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Powergard - Contain Your Maintenance Costs

Powergard - Contain Your Maintenance Costs

PowerGard is a programme designed to help you contain the costs of running your John Deere machines, there are two major products.

PowerGard Maintenance : A plan to do all the maintenance work on your John Deere tractor according to the service schedule in the operator’s manual

PowerGard Protection : A contract with two levels to cover the cost of repairs. Must be bought with a PowerGard Maintenance plan. See terms & conditions for exclusions.

Our Service Manager David Fry says 'The PowerGard programme helps customers to fix maintenance costs for a set period as everything is priced up front. It ensures machines are maintaned at the correct interval, with genuine parts made to the factories original specification or even higher. Carried out by our John Deere trained technicians, regular servicing will reduce down time, prolong the life of the machine, fix costs and save fuel, allowing the customer to focus on his core business. We are also able to download software updates to ensure a machine is running at it's very best '.

Talk to your Service Manager about PowerGard Maintenance & PowerGard Protection, please call 01300 348881 or 01934 741166 or email


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