JCB LiveLink

JCB LiveLink
JCB LiveLink

The Smart FarmSight department also includes the running and control of JCB's LiveLink telematics system.

All JCB machines since 2011 have been fitted with the LiveLink telematics hardware, and all new JCB machines now come with a 5 year contract as standard - with the option to renew after the 5 year period has expired.

JCB LiveLink offers the ability to remotely monitor your machines; you can view service alerts and machine levels, as well as being able to set up geo-fence and operational hour curfew alerts.

The JCB LiveLink system is Thatchams approved so depending on the various insurance companies can attract a discount on your insurance premium.

For more information on JCB LiveLink contact the Smart FarmSight department on 07970 789996.