JDLink telematics solutions lets you track all of your machines and applications wherever you have an internet connection.

With your permission, the Smart FarmSight  department can also use the JDLink infrastructure for additional monitoring services such as Service Advisor Remote, and for machine optimisation.

JDLink delivers machine information at two levels, JDLink Select and JDLink Ultimate.


JDLink Select

An excellent entry-level system to remote machine monitoring, JDLink Select provides location based data. It really comes into its own when optimising machine logistics for mixed fleets and can make a huge difference to the overall efficiency and speed of tasks. JDLink Select also allows the user to place a geofence boundary around the machine so that you receive alerts if the machine leaves it.  

JDLink Ultimate

A powerful tool for optimising your fuel consumption and performance. JDLink Ultimate connects directly to the CAN Bus system on your machine to give you access to all of the essential performance data. You can identify the amount of time spent doing different tasks and cut down on the non-productive engine hours, such as idling. See how the machines are being utilised with analysis of engine load for better working efficiency.


For further information on JDLink and how it can help your business save time and money by becoming more efficient speak to Tom Yeatman in the Smart FarmSight department on 07970 789996 or .